Jim Omel, MD

Jim Omel, MD is a retired Family Practice physician who was diagnosed with myeloma in 1997. His cancer was initially treated with VAD and radiation. At relapse in 2000 he had an ASCT, retired from active medical practice, and began a new role as a cancer research advocate. Relapses in 2006 and 2010 were treated with local bone irradiation, the IMID Lenalidomide and Proteosome Inhibitor Bortezomide. His experience includes 14 months of ONJ with exposed mandible, caused by bisphosphonate therapy.

Dr. Omel’s advocacy has included the NCI Myeloma Steering Committee, peer review and the NCI Director’s Board of Scientific Advisors, FDA Patient Representative, Alliance Cooperative Group Myeloma and Transplant Committees, CIBMTR, ASCO (CancerLinQ, Platelet Task Force, Clinical Pathways Task Force, and Bisphosphonates in Myeloma Review Panel), NCCN Myeloma Guidelines reviewer, LLS First Connection, Takeda Oncology’s INSIGHT clinical trial Steering Committee and PLC (patient leadership council), Celgene’s Connect MM Steering Committee, and 20 years leading the Central Nebraska Myeloma Support Group. He has served as an external advisor to research projects at St. Louis Washington Univ, FHCRC in Seattle, Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, and Blood Cancer Network Ireland.

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Considerations Regarding Maintenance Therapy in Myeloma

Jim Omel |

There is no doubt that patients who continue maintenance Revlimid (lenalidomide) following autologous transplant do better than those who do not.  Dr. Phil McCarthy showed unequivocally in CALGB 100104 (Revlimid vs placebo) that progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) are longer for patients taking maintenance Revlimid.  Likewise, maintenance therapy extends PFS for patients […]

Sequencing of Therapy in Myeloma

Jim Omel |

In my first pre-ASH blog, I explained one of my main interests would be how myeloma experts approach sequencing of treatments for their patients.  In an ASH Education Program, Dr. Niels van de Donk of Amsterdam explained the burgeoning number of choices available in 2020, with 190 different doublets and 1140 different triplet combinations to […]

MRD Usefulness

Jim Omel |

Minimal Residual Disease (-) (meaning no detectable disease) has become the agreed goal of most myeloma clinical trials. MRD (-) status is a predictor of good outcome. As we patients progress with treatment we want to know if we have reached MRD (-) or not, however it is defined, and by whichever method it is measured. […]

The End of 2020…..PLEASE!!

Jim Omel |

What a year we have endured! 2020 will be one of the darkest years in history for the USA ,similar to the turmoil and strife of 1968, an unforgettable year those of us old enough to remember it. Actually, our comparator for “worst year” must go back further than 1968; however, to a time none of […]