Tune in as the IMF brings myeloma support group leaders and patients to the virtual 62nd annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH), an exciting convergence of 20,000 health care professionals from around the world. Start following the IMF ASH team members now on social media as they ramp up to share the latest clinical updates in myeloma research, therapies, and practice strategies via Twitter (#ASH20 and #IMFASH20), Facebook, blogs, and videos.

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Recent Blog Posts from ASH 2020
  • The Times Are Changing – ASH Wrap

    Michael Tuohy |

    Our world has certainly changed in 2020. Not just our myeloma world, but the entire world has been affected by the SARS-CoV2 pandemic. There is good news for both challenges.  There were 688 myeloma abstracts at ASH 2020 (179 orals / 500 posters / 9 publications). While this was less than in years past, it is still much […]

  • Virtual ASH 20 — More Than I Could Have Imagined

    Valarie Traynham |

    The 62nd American Society of Hematology annual meetings have ended but the experience is one that I will cherish for years to come. I was not sure what to expect from the virtual platform, but I was not disappointed in the end. The overall experience was more than I could have imagined. I enjoyed having […]

  • Never, Ever Give Up

    Cynthia Chmielewski |

    In December, 2012 I attended my first annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology (#ASH12) with the International Myeloma Foundation. The meeting was held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.  I had no idea on what to expect when I entered the convention center for the first time. I was walking around […]

  • Hope for the Future

    Sheri Baker |

    Wow, what a very interesting experience at the All-Virtual 62nd ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition (ASH).  The total number of ASH abstracts for 2020 was 4800, down from last year’s 6000.  There were 688 Myeloma Abstracts.  179 of them were oral abstracts, which are presented in 15-minute time slots.  There were 500 poster abstracts, which […]

  • ASH 2020 in a COVID-19 World, A Virtual Experience

    John DeFlice |

    “We weren’t sure what this coronavirus would do because we’ve never witnessed a pandemic of a coronavirus before. Now we know it’s kind of a super forest fire. It just keeps burning and burning and burning wherever there is human wood.” — Michael T. Osterholm, Phd, MPH Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ASH 2020 […]

  • WOW – What an ASH!

    Linda Huguelet |

    The American Society of Hematology 62nd Annual Conference (ASH) was like none other in many ways. It was the first virtual meeting which certainly had its positives and negatives. It was much easier to take notes and I loved the ability to “rewind” the presentations to hear something for a second time. On the negative […]

  • ASH20, a Time of Hope at the End of HORRENDOUS 2020.

    Jim Omel, Uncategorized |

    As I write this, the USA has surpassed 3,100 COVID deaths in one day. This horrendous reality now means more Americans die each day than were lost on 9/11/2001. Many more of us die each day than Dec 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor day. We now sadly lose nearly the same number of dead Americans every […]

  • Gratitude in My Heart and My #ASH20 Wrap!

    Robin Tuohy |

    This year’s ASH, as we all know, has been very different, thanks to Covid-19. We’ve missed lots of things by not being physically together; however, there are always silver linings! I’m mostly grateful to the resilient researchers, hematologists/oncologists, nurses, and pharmaceutical companies that have keep research going through this pandemic. While there were fewer abstracts at ASH this […]

  • Until Next Year!

    Yelak Biru |

    #ASH20 was fully virtual due to the pandemic. #ASH21 will be a hybrid of virtual and in-person meetings by choice. At least that is my hope and prediction. The virtual format allowed us to log from the comfort of our home and we were at the mercy of the WIFI and not an overflowing meeting […]

  • More Treatment Options Than Ever

    Tiffany Williams |

    It amazes me how we, the country, the world, has accommodated and transitioned to a virtual life with such ease over the last 9 months. That’s not say it has been easy or without resistance, trials, and tribulations. However, we’ve engaged technology in way that has allowed us to move forward with a fair degree […]