Tiffany Williams

Tiffany was diagnosed with myeloma in 2013. She is the facilitator of The Multiple Myeloma Network for Orangeburg, SC Group and a co-facilitator of the Charleston Area Multiple Myeloma Networking Group. Tiffany believes purpose drives passion and her renewed purpose driven life as a cancer survivor and advocate. Tiffany comments, “I am eager to impact and empower others with the knowledge I anticipate learning at ASH 2019.”

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More Treatment Options Than Ever

Tiffany Williams |

It amazes me how we, the country, the world, has accommodated and transitioned to a virtual life with such ease over the last 9 months. That’s not say it has been easy or without resistance, trials, and tribulations. However, we’ve engaged technology in way that has allowed us to move forward with a fair degree […]


Tiffany Williams |

Several sessions have been presented at the 2020 American Society of Hematology’s Annual Meeting, highlighting research data and findings specifically related to myeloma novel targeting agents. There were 2 terms, off-the-shelf and Allogeneic CAR, referred to many times yesterday during immunotherapy sessions. While I felt I understand the context of the discussions, I was immediately […]

The Accelerated Evolution of Science, MYeloma

Tiffany Williams |

Attending the ASH IMF Satellite Symposium, “Accelerating Toward Curing Myeloma: New Data, New Agents, and Evolving Treatment Paradigm,” on Friday afternoon reminded me once again why I enjoy attending ASH.  Primarily because it gives me hope: Hope in knowing that the experts are working so hard to find the best treatment, hope in seeing the […]