Complicated Is A Good Thing

Linda Huguelet |

After finishing two full days of watching abstracts and education sessions about multiple myeloma at the American Society of Hematology Conference (ASH), my head is spinning from the number of new combinations, therapies, and therapy targets. All of this is excellent news for us, but this makes treatment decisions much more complicated. This diagram presented by Dr. […]

It’s All About the Antibodies!

Cynthia Chmielewski |

The antibodies are front and center during the 2020 American Society of Hematology’s Annual Meeting.  I thought this would be a good time to review the mechanism of action (how they work) of each type of antibody. The first antibodies to make it to the myeloma scene were the monoclonal antibodies. (mAbs) Monoclonal antibodies in […]

The End of 2020…..PLEASE!!

Jim Omel |

What a year we have endured! 2020 will be one of the darkest years in history for the USA ,similar to the turmoil and strife of 1968, an unforgettable year those of us old enough to remember it. Actually, our comparator for “worst year” must go back further than 1968; however, to a time none of […]

All Virtual, All-Amazing

Jack Aiello |

There is no other single conference where so much information is presented about myeloma. Information about so many topics is provided:  how to treat MM patients in various stages; results of phase II & III trials which may indicate upcoming FDA approvals; pre-clinical research focusing on myeloma targets and cell understanding; and more. However, this year […]