WOW – What an ASH!

Linda Huguelet |

The American Society of Hematology 62nd Annual Conference (ASH) was like none other in many ways. It was the first virtual meeting which certainly had its positives and negatives. It was much easier to take notes and I loved the ability to “rewind” the presentations to hear something for a second time. On the negative […]

Complicated Is A Good Thing

Linda Huguelet |

After finishing two full days of watching abstracts and education sessions about multiple myeloma at the American Society of Hematology Conference (ASH), my head is spinning from the number of new combinations, therapies, and therapy targets. All of this is excellent news for us, but this makes treatment decisions much more complicated. This diagram presented by Dr. […]

Day 1 ASH: It’s All About Immunotherapy

Jack Aiello |

Dec 5, 2020 Today I actually began watching ASH (American Society of Hematology) President Dr. Stephanie Lee interview Dr. Fauci. I appreciated that one of the questions she asked was “Should cancer patients with compromised immune systems get the vaccine?” He said that he understands that cancer patients may actually be getting immunosuppressants, and the […]