Considerations Regarding Maintenance Therapy in Myeloma

Jim Omel |

There is no doubt that patients who continue maintenance Revlimid (lenalidomide) following autologous transplant do better than those who do not.  Dr. Phil McCarthy showed unequivocally in CALGB 100104 (Revlimid vs placebo) that progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) are longer for patients taking maintenance Revlimid.  Likewise, maintenance therapy extends PFS for patients […]

The Accelerated Evolution of Science, MYeloma

Tiffany Williams |

Attending the ASH IMF Satellite Symposium, “Accelerating Toward Curing Myeloma: New Data, New Agents, and Evolving Treatment Paradigm,” on Friday afternoon reminded me once again why I enjoy attending ASH.  Primarily because it gives me hope: Hope in knowing that the experts are working so hard to find the best treatment, hope in seeing the […]

MRD Usefulness

Jim Omel |

Minimal Residual Disease (-) (meaning no detectable disease) has become the agreed goal of most myeloma clinical trials. MRD (-) status is a predictor of good outcome. As we patients progress with treatment we want to know if we have reached MRD (-) or not, however it is defined, and by whichever method it is measured. […]

To-Do List for MyelomaTeacher

Cynthia Chmielewski |

The American Society of Hematology’s Annual Meeting (ASH) has just begun, but thanks to the  pre-ASH Scientific Workshops, On-Demand Sessions, and Satellite Symposia, my head is already spinning. Much of what I heard in the scientific workshops was above my head, but provided me with hope. Each year when I attend ASH, I leave thinking, […]

The Outcome Is Yet To Get Better!

Yelak Biru |

The life expectancy of standard-risk myeloma patients has increased significantly in the last decade, thanks to novel therapies. Some trials that are in progress, such as the MAIA trial comparing Revilmid and dexamethasone (Rd) versus Daratumumab, Revilmid and dexamethasone (DRd) have not yet met their progression-free survival (PFS) end state and are at more than […]

The End of 2020…..PLEASE!!

Jim Omel |

What a year we have endured! 2020 will be one of the darkest years in history for the USA ,similar to the turmoil and strife of 1968, an unforgettable year those of us old enough to remember it. Actually, our comparator for “worst year” must go back further than 1968; however, to a time none of […]