To-Do List for MyelomaTeacher

Cynthia Chmielewski |

The American Society of Hematology’s Annual Meeting (ASH) has just begun, but thanks to the  pre-ASH Scientific Workshops, On-Demand Sessions, and Satellite Symposia, my head is already spinning. Much of what I heard in the scientific workshops was above my head, but provided me with hope. Each year when I attend ASH, I leave thinking, “How could next year’s meeting top this year’s?” But it does!

By attending the pre-ASH sessions I learned about many new things that are on the horizon . Many discussions revolved around how to make therapy more efficacious. There were sessions on making prognostic models more predictive and make testing more sensitive and maybe easier on the patient. Saturday sessions are just starting but I already have a To-Do list made.

To-Do List:

  1. Learn about single cell RNA sequencing in myeloma and its role in Immune Profiling (IP)

This teacher has a lot of learning to do, but is signing off to attend the oral abstract sessions.

By Cindy Chmielewski @MyelomaTeacher

Philadelphia Multiple Myeloma Networking Group

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