“The Show Must Go On”: This Pandemic Can’t Stop the IMF

Michael Tuohy |

Friday, the International Myeloma Foundation held its annual symposium at #ASH20.  This has always been a highlight for me as it’s a primer of what’s to come with all the abstracts throughout the weekend. 

This CME-certified webinar featuring discussion of patient-case studies and key clinical trial data by renowned clinical experts providing their perspectives on recent advances in the treatment of multiple myeloma. You will have multiple opportunities to interact with faculty through interactive patient-case scenarios and audience Q&A sessions.


Faculty Presenters:

  • Brian G.M. Durie, MD
  • Shaji Kumar, MD
  • Thomas G. Martin, MD
  • Philippe Moreau, MD
  • S. Vincent Rajkumar, MD
  • Jesús F. San-Miguel, MD

These programs can help the local hematologist/oncologists who are treating all cancers, to better understand myeloma treatments, when to use, what patients to consider, quality of life, and so much more. Great thanks to all the myeloma experts who help us navigate through the complexities of individualized treatment in the myeloma world.

This blog’s song is a tribute to the International Myeloma Foundation for not letting a pandemic stop them for doing all they can for everyone in the myeloma field.

“The Show Must Go On”

While I like Queen’s song “The Show Must Go On”, I am partial to the 1974 Three Dog Night version written by Leo Sayer!  Enjoy!

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